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About Shakey’s

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor started out back in 1954 near a grocery outlet built at a location in Sacramento, California. The concept for this kind of a restaurant was proposed by Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson, but when the first outlet was built the brand name given was Ye Public House who specialized in making and serving all kinds of scrumptious pizzas.

Step by Step Procedure for completing the online Shakey’s Survey

If you have had the privilege of eating pizza from Shakey’s then tell about your experience at the Shakey’s Survey which can conveniently be finished if you only read and obey the step wise instructions below:

  1. Press the web address given ahead to open the main page for the Shakey’s Survey on your computer
  2. Shakey’s Survey main page will instantly be revealed to you on the web browser that is installed on the device in use
  3. Tell the language you would want to answer the questions in the Shakey’s Survey
  4. Take out your recent receipt from Shakey’s and copying from it state the following details in the slots designated for them:
  • ID of the location
  • Receipt number
  • Date when your last trip was made at Shakey’s
  • Time when the bill was transacted there
  • The value of your bill
  1. Click the button for START
  2. Then the questionnaire for the Shakey’s Survey will be shown
  3. Answer every asked question in the view of your recent visit at Shakey’s
  4. It is always wise to review your answers and then submit the completed Shakey’s Survey before signing out off the internet.
  5. You will now be rewarded with a unique coupon code.
  6. Note down the shown code and enjoy the offered deal within 30 days!

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