Provide your feedback at the Sam’s Club Survey to win $1,000 gift card!

If you want to enjoy the perks of spending $1,000 gift cards then fill the Sam’s Club Survey at and give them your feedback.

About Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is an American retail warehouse that operates under the leading of Walmart. Sam’s Club has constructed 600 clubs in Brazil, Mexico, China and the United States of America. Sam’s Club promotes the concept of memberships for the public which will enable them to redeem all the services that the club has to offer.

Step by Step Procedure to fill the online Sam’s Club Survey

Now keep reading and following all the instructions given beneath to complete the online Sam’s Club Survey and maybe even win the $1000 gift voucher:

  1. Open the web browser and click this URL as given
  2. This URL will open up the designated Sam’s Club homepage for you
  3. On the first page select from two languages that are either English or Spanish.
  4. Select the language of choice and click the “Continue” button given below the page.
  5. On the next page you will find a captcha box with certain alphabets which you should type in the box. If you cannot clearly read the displayed alphabets and numbers then press the “listen” button and then by listening to the sounds type the captcha letters in the assigned place.
  6. Again click “Continue”
  7. On the proceeding page you will find a document of rules and regulations. Go through all of them and place the tick in the assigned box
  8. Then give certain personal information such as your name, city, address where you reside and telephone number.
  9. Click “Continue” again
  10. Enter the TC and Club number then tick your date that when you shopped at Sam’s Club.
  11. All these details will be written on the bill!
  12. Complete the entire Sam’s Club Survey by giving relevant answers to all the asked questions in the survey itself.
  13. If you have followed the whole procedure correctly you will gain entry into the sweepstakes.

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