Get your message across to the company at their Staples Retail Survey

If you finish the whole Staples Retail Survey on you will not only be able to get your message across but will also enter a sweepstakes winning.

What is Staples Retail as a company?

Staples UK started out more than 3 decades ago in a place in Brighton, Massachusetts and eventually expanded into a global chain of office supplies that makes and sells high quality office products. The two co-founders of the company were surprisingly enemies in the past in the New England’s supermarket business world.

What are the guidelines for filling the Staples Retail Survey?

Do as you are instructed below to complete the entire Staples Retail Survey and enter the sweepstakes for winning amazing prizes:

  1. Connect your Wi-Fi access on the device that is sufficiently charged.
  2. Click the web link ahead to open the home page for the official Staples Retail Survey
  3. Your home browser will show you the main page for the Staples Retail Survey.
  4. Go through the shown disclaimer’s note and make sure you understand it
  5. Click “NEXT”
  6. Then look at your most recent transaction slip from the Staples Retail store to find and state the following data from it in their assigned slots:
  • Store number ID
  • Register number ID
  • Transaction Number ID
  • Precise time when you recently went to the Staples Retail store
  1. Then when this data is entered click the button NEXT
  2. Respond to all the questions asked in the official Staples Retail Survey which will mostly inquire about your visit details
  3. Answer honestly!
  4. Now one time go through your stated responses in case you need to change them and then before closing your tabs make sure you submit the filled version of the Staples Retail Survey
  5. You will then be entered into the sweepstakes.

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