Enjoy eating a delicious plate of free waffles after filling in the Outback Steakhouse Survey

Share your views and feedback at the online Outback Steakhouse Survey on www.outbackfeedback.com to eat a plate of free waffles on your next visit!

About Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is a chain of dining restaurants in the United States of America and operates with the devotion that they will serve all their meals with “full flavor”.  They cook every dish in pure butter, heavy cream and fresh meat burger patties of beef tenderloin.

Step by Step Detailed Procedure for completing the Outback Steakhouse Survey

To share your praises, complaints or your experience details with Outback Steakhouse fill in the online Outback Steakhouse Survey by reading and obeying the step by step instructions given below for your ease:

  1. Connect your internet connection on to your laptop, tablet or even mobile phone.
  2. Visit the web address ahead to gain a safe access to the official Outback Steakhouse Survey page www.outbackfeedback.com.
  3. Your web browser will lead you to the home page for the official Outback Steakhouse Survey
  4. Answer which language would you prefer to answer the Outback Steakhouse Survey in from the following options: English or Spanish?
  5. Look at your receipt and state the following data from it:
  • survey ID,
  • date and time you last time ate at the Outback Steakhouse restaurant
  1. Then all the questions that are necessary to complete in the Outback Steakhouse Survey
  2. Make sure you answer by being candid, frank and honest
  3. At the end you will be rewarded with a unique Redemption Code.
  4. Remember to write this down on your bill and take it with you on your next meal at Outback Steakhouse to enjoy free waffles.
  5. Now review all your answers and before closing the tab submit the completed version of your Outback Steakhouse Survey.

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