Win gift cards worth £100 by completing the online Boots UK Survey!

You can now become a happy and successful owner of a gift voucher valued at £100 simply by filling in the Boots UK Survey at the web link ahead

About Boots UK

Boots as a company was first founded back in the year 1849 in form of a chain of drug stores in the United Kingdom. It operates in form of a subsidiary of a company called Alliance Boots, who closely associate themselves with manufacturers of medicines and known pharmacists. The company runs Boots stores in local communities and in addition to health related items they also sell beauty products.

Step by Step Guide for filling the online Boots UK Survey

Read and follow the systematic set of guidelines given below in the exact manner as given to successfully finish the Boots UK Survey and then enter a golden opportunity for winning gift vouchers worth £100:

  1. Connect your Wi-Fi connection with your computer.
  2. Click this web link as given ahead to open for yourself the very first page of Boots UK Survey
  3. The web browser that is installed on your computer will lead you to the official page for the Boots UK Survey
  4. On the first page you must read and understand all the terms and rules as presented to complete the survey
  5. Now state the survey code comprising of 15 numbers in its spot
  6. Then hit the button ENTER given in blue to continue
  7. Now you may respond to all questions that need an honest answer in the Boots UK Survey.
  8. Use the scale given to rate all services, product quality and your overall impression of the Boots store.
  9. In the end you must successfully submit your completed Boots UK Survey.
  10. Once you have submitted your Boots UK Survey you will be given entry into the lucky draw.

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