Provide your feedback on Wawa Survey to earn many gifts and prizes!

If you decide to share feedback on the Wawa Survey at you will gain entry into the lucky draw that will earn you many gifts and prizes!

About Wawa

Wawa is basically a retail chain of gas stations with convenience stores operating in the United Stets in the East Coast. It was started by Grahame Wood in 1964 in the state of Folsom, Pennsylvania, however, the company is headquartered in Chester Heights.

Detailed Step by Step Guide to complete the Wawa Survey

Prior to completing the Wawa Survey you must get a few things in order. First you must connect your laptop to the internet connection in your vicinity but make sure your laptop is charged enough.

Now you should have at least once charged your gas at the Wawa station and must have their bill kept somewhere safe. Then to be fully eligible for taking part in Wawa Survey you should be a legal citizen in the United States above 18 years in age.

Then when all the above-mentioned pre-requisites are met you should read and keep following the guide given beneath to fill the Wawa Survey:

  1. The first step is o use this web link to gain access to Wawa Survey
  2. This link will automatically display the first page for Wawa Survey.
  3. Then choose one of the languages to attempt the Wawa Survey in.
  4. The two language choices would be between English and Spanish. So you must have command over one of these.
  5. Input the code of the survey and the store number as stated on the Wawa Survey invitation card.
  6. State the exact date and time you visited the Wawa gas station.
  7. Rate all the services provided by Wawa station according to your degree of satisfaction
  8. In the end input all your personal information so that you can be entered in to the lucky draw winnings.

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