Provide your feedback at the Long John Silver’s Survey to win amazing prizes!

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About Long John Silver’s

When you are craving for scrumptious sea food based meal you must stop by at Long John Silver’s restaurants. It is a US based chain of food restaurants that specializes in making classic sea food. The chain started out in Lexington, Kentucky in back in 1969.

Step by Step Procedure for filling the online Long John Silver’s Survey

Now you must follow the guide given to you beneath to complete the online Long John Silver’s Survey with ease and convenience:

  1. On your device that is in connection to internet open your installed browser.
  2. Click this web link to gain entry to Long John Silver’s Survey page
  3. Now the official page for Long John Silver’s Survey will be displayed.
  4. On the first page that will open input the store ID and the ticket number,
  5. Both of these details will be given to you on the purchase receipt from Long John.
  6. Yes! You must once eat a nice sea food meal at Long John Silver restaurant and keep the bill safe
  7. Click “Start”
  8. In the next step begin the Long John Silver Survey by giving deserving ratings for each of the asked aspects.
  9. Answer some more questions regarding the sea food chain.
  10. Hit the button “Next” to proceed
  11. Now that you have given answers to all the asked questions you must type in your valid contact number and some other information so that you can be entered into the sweepstakes.
  12. Follow all the steps to complete the process till the end and then simply submit your completed Long John Silver’s Survey.

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