The Survey Help started out their project with the intention that they would protect the privacy and personal information of all their visitors and users. Keeping in perspective how crucial the protection of privacy is, the team of The Survey Help has come up with a detailed policy for the privacy of its users that would be strictly applied in all cases. The privacy policy outlined below is simple to understand which guides you on how The Survey Help assemblies, uses, choose to share and analyze any personal information that is assembled from the visitors of The Survey Help’s website.

Hence, thoroughly read the outline of the privacy policy given below that will be observed when you visit The Survey Help:

  • For each time any kind of personal information will be assembled from the users of The Survey Help, each user will be told in detail of every intent and purpose for which the information is being asked for.
  • The Survey Help has a main team whose duty is to collect and utilize personal information from all its users to fulfill solely and only the purposes that were displayed to the user when he/she was being asked for the particular information or the information may be used for any other special intent if consent if being given by the user or as stated in the law that deems fit in the situation.
  • The Survey Help will only keep hold of the collected information for the duration that it is required to fulfill the stated purposes.
  • The main team of The Survey Help will only assemble such information from the visitors under lawful and fair procedures and solely when there is a justified purpose that too after the direct consent of the visitor after he/she has been informed of all the details.
  • The personal information that will be assembled must be relevant to the context of the purposes and intents it was asked for and will only be used solely for those intents and to the limit that it is needed to serve those purposes. Furthermore, the given information must be coherent, correct and latest in its facts.
  • The Survey Help promises to do everything in its power to safeguard the assembled personal information from each of its users under stringent means against any kind of digital theft or loss from any accidental deletion. The Survey Help also ensures that collected information will not be under any circumstance accessed through backdoor or illegal means, be plagiarized even in the case when the website is being modified or updated.
  • The Survey Help also promises to allow unrestricted access to all of its privacy policies including the updated version to all of its visitors and would do everything to help each user understand every step taken for protecting and safeguarding their information that is collected by The Survey Help’s
  • The Survey Help makes use of various advertisements from third-party companies for the purpose of successfully running its softwares. However, during this process, a lot of these third party companies make use of cookies and web beacons which allow these advertisers to have access to your Internet Service Provider, address of the IP, type of browser that you may have used to access The Survey Help

The Survey Help team is completely dedicated to conduct its business according to the stated policies in order to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of the collected information is efficiently preserved without any loopholes.